Do You Need Help?

Many people are struggling to both heat their homes and feed their families. Is this the situation you find yourself in?

The Food Bank may be able to help you through a difficult patch by providing free food for a limited period.

Talk to someone who you know from among the following professionals who can assess your needs and provide you with a referral to the Food Bank so that we can help.

  • Social Housing Officer
  • Health Worker
  • Midwife or Doctor
  • LBWF Officer
  • An Officer of any Religious Institution
  • CAB Officer
  • Credit Union Officer
  • Trades Union Officer
  • Local Political Party Officer
  • Officer of any other Welfare Institution.
How Do I Refer?

Are you working with someone who is struggling to eat and pay the bills?

  1. Download the Eat or Heat Referral Form
  2. Complete the form and email it to

Eat or Heat Referral Form

If you have any questions, including if you are eligible to refer, please call us on : 0800 772 0212