Christmas 2019

We will stop taking food donations at Jewel Road, E17 on Wednesday 18th December 2019, until we reopen on Monday 6th January 2020.

If you are making an online order for the week beginning Monday 16th December, we are only open for deliveries from 2pm to 5pm on Monday 16th and Wednesday 18th. After this date we cannot accept anymore food deliveries.

We will not be open at our regular times.

Thank you for all your donations, we really appreciate your help

What to Donate?

Eat or Heat is asking everyone to donate a tin of food to provide emergency support to members of their community, below is a table of items that are currently accepted by Eat or Heat:

Items needed:
Large and Small Boxes of CerealCanned soupCanned spaghettiCanned fishCanned meat
Canned tomatoesCanned potatoes/Instant mashCanned vegetablesCanned fruitCanned dessert
SugarLong Life milk / Milk PowderTeabagsInstant CoffeePasta Sauce
SquashPorridgePulsesKidney BeansChick Peas
Pasta NOT CURRENTLY NEEDEDRice CouscousNoodlesCooking Oil
Soap (not currently needed)Shower Gel Tooth Brush (not currently needed)Tooth Paste (not currently needed) Shampoo
Razors Sanitary Towels

Tampons (not currently needed) Washing Powder/TabletsBiscuits

Download the Eat or Heat Shopping List Here!

Want to make a Online Food Donation?

You can make an online donation, shopping with your favorite supermarket by following the steps below.
How it Works:
  1. Select your preferred supermarket and check to see if a time slot between 6:30pm - 7:30pm is available for Mondays, Wednesdays or Fridays.
  2. Place your order and list QUAKER MEETING HOUSE 1A JEWEL ROAD E17 4QU as the delivery address
  3. Finally, contact and inform us here or Facebook of the time and date of delivery