Welcome to Eat Or Heat

Christmas Arrangements

Our last food distribution will be on Friday 21st December 2018, from 11am to 5pm.

This will be the only distribution in the week beginning 17th December. All clients will be advised to collect on this day.

We will be accepting referrals up to Wednesday 19th December 2018. After this date, we will not process referrals until after Christmas.

Please make sure referrals are emailed to us before 5pm on 19th December.


Do You Need Help?

The Food Bank may be able to help you through a difficult patch by providing free food for a limited period.

Talk to someone who you know from among the following professionals who can assess your needs and provide you with a referral to the Food Bank so that we can help.

  • Social Housing Officer
  • Health Worker
  • Midwife or Doctor
  • LBWF Officer
  • School Staff
  • An Officer of any Religious Institution
  • Citizens Advice
  • Rehab worker
  • Probation Officer
  • Refuges
  • Credit Union Officer
  • Trades Union Officer
  • Local Political Party Officer
  • Officer of any other Welfare Institution.

How Do I Refer?

Download the Referral Form October 2018 Word Version Download the Referral Form October 2018 PDF Version Complete the form and email it to referrals@eatorheat.org You can refer a client up to three times. Each referral allows the client to collect on four consecutive weeks. It will take up to 72 hours to process the referral. PLEASE DO NOT SEND YOUR CLIENT DIRECTLY TO US WITH THE REFERRAL. We will text the client once we have processed the referral, letting them know when and where to come to collect. THE CLIENT SHOULD NOT ATEND THE FOOD BANK UNTIL THEY HAVE RECEIVED A TEXT FROM US

If you have any questions, including if you are eligible to refer, please call us on : 0800 772 0212

What to Donate?

Items needed:
Large and Small Boxes of CerealCanned soupCanned spaghettiCanned fishCanned meat
Canned tomatoesCanned potatoes/Instant mashCanned vegetablesCanned fruitCanned dessert
SugarLong Life milk / Milk PowderTeabagsInstant CoffeePasta Sauce
SquashPorridgePulsesKidney BeansChick Peas
Pasta (Currently Not Needed)Rice (Currently Not Needed)CouscousNoodlesCooking Oil
SoapShower GelTooth BrushTooth PasteShampoo
Razors Sanitary Towels

TamponsWashing Powder/Tablets