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We Need Your Help

Even though the weather is getting warmer and the days longer, which eases the heating and lighting bills,  the referrals to the Food Bank are rising. Without including clients who are collecting their second and third week of food bags the referrals in January were above 40. In February this rose to above 60 and in March more than 90.

Sadly the donations of food are decreasing and our shelves empty quickly. Of course we have run events which have been generously supported by you and we plan to do more. These bring in much needed funds to enable us to buy food.

These funds will not last forever, so I am asking all you wonderful people who support us to dig deep and either donate food or money to Eat or Heat.

You could also support Stu and Frankie who are doing a fun run in aid of Eat or Heat, just go here http://www.eatorheat.org/funrun.html .

Our media person has written a great piece on her blog about why food banks need supporters like you. http://www.katebod.co.uk/blog-of-kate-bod/why-foodbanks-need-you-(and-david-beckham)/

Thank you for your continued support, the people in need in Waltham Forest thank you.

Gary Nash