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Eat or Heat is a registered charity in England & Wales No. 1154192

Registered Address: 27 Napier Road, London, E15 3DW

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Here you can find out more about how to get involved with the food bank.

Mailing List!

For those wanting to get more involved please read the following summaries on the different ways you can help before filling in our form.

If you only wish to be kept updated on all things food bank, then please visit our form and choose to be a friend by clicking here.

The choices are as follows:

Friend - Stay Informed!

Not able to donate time or money to the food bank but want to say informed? Be a friend to the food bank & keep up to date on all things us!

Artist - Donate Art! Create Graphics!

Have some Art to donate that we could use in an Auction/Raffle? Are You an Aspiring Artist or Grand at Graphics? We Want to Stand Out and Be Noticed! Select This If You Think You Can Help Us Out!

Sponsor - Donate Money!

Have More Money Than Time? Become A Sponsor & Get the Latest on Ways to Donate! From Monthly Donations to Fundraising & Much More!

Volunteer - Get Involved!

Looking to Get More Involved & Have Some Time to Spare? Choose to Volunteer and We'll Get to Work on Finding a Role for You!

--- WHATS NEXT? ---

If you're interested in volunteering, please read the next section for current volunteering opportunities.

If you want to be a Friend, Artist or Sponsor please complete our sign-up form using the button below! Thank you for wanting to help!


Volunteers can choose any from the following:

Sorting - Keeping Things Tidy!

Got a talent for keeping things organised? Or an enemy of dust who makes things sparkle? Choose this option to keep donations organised!

Events - Spreading the Word!

Want to make the most of local events & help us grow? Choose this option to join the events team & help promote what we do on our stalls!

Collection - Bringing Food Home!

Are you a local driver, keen bus rider or avid walker? Choose this option & find out how to help bring food here as a collector!

Distribution – Giving Out Food! (18+ Only)

Can you spare a weekday evening to help us with the most important part of what we do? Choose this option & join the food parcelling teams!

--- WHATS NEXT? ---

Now that you have an idea of what’s on offer please complete our sign-up form using the button below! Thank you for wanting to volunteer!

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