Food Donations

What to Donate?

Eat or Heat is asking everyone to donate a tin of food to provide emergency support to members of their community, below is a table of items that are currently accepted by Eat or Heat:

Accepted Items:
Large and Small Boxes of Cereal Canned soup Canned spaghetti Canned fish Canned meat
Canned tomatoes Canned potatoes/Instant mash Canned vegetables Canned fruit Canned dessert
Sugar Long Life milk / Milk Powder Teabags Instant Coffee Pasta Sauce
Squash Porridge Pulses Kidney Beans Chick Peas
Pasta Rice Couscous Noodles Cooking Oil
Soap Shower Gel Tooth Brush Tooth Paste Shampoo
Razors Sanitary Towels

Tampons Washing Powder/Tablets

Download the Eat or Heat Shopping List Here!

Donation Stations

Our list of local community groups, businesses and charities who support us by accepting food donations on our behalf. Volunteers will visit these locations regularly to collect food and bring it to the food bank for distribution.

Donation Stations:
Rose & Crown
55 Hoe street
E17 4SA
Le Delice
114 Hoe Street,
E17 4QR
Ziggy Played Guitar
3 Signal Walk,
Highams Park
E4 9BW
The Castle
15 Grosvenor Rise East,
Walthamstow Village
E17 9LB
The Bell
617 Forest Road,
E17 4NE
The Mill
7 - 11 Coppermill Lane,
E17 7HA
24 - 26 Orford Rd,
E17 9NJ
Ruby Stables
1 Ruby Road,
E17 4RB
Hornbeam Café
458 Hoe St,
E17 9AH
Greenleaf Baptist Church
Greenleaf Rd,
E17 6QQ
More Coming Soon!

Donation Stations Map

This is a map of the donation stations listed above to help you decide the best place to donate to the food bank. Simply hover over or select a marker to show the location name and refer back to the list above to plan a trip to donate.